i can't have root access. why? i typed sudo apt-get install root-system-bin but it gives me this error: E: Unable to locate package root-system-bin CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE?

a former koding user

have you tried "sudo su -" ?

does koding provide a student discount for individual plans? #koding

Hello to you I am was saddened deeply saddened because Koding best host do not allow for its customers to run hosting for 24 hours, or I think that some people use it 24 hours, but I was trying to be used for 24 hours I could not when I come to transfer my files from the host to the computer I can not always tell me he was asleep and also told me one Koding experts you can make them work 24 hours but when I come and do this and do not press send

Stefan Cosma

If you need an always on VM you can get one of our paid plans.

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idk any commands to start do you know where i could go to see some

Stefan Cosma

@cparfinkle22 not sure what you mean by start. Start what exactly? Terminal example commands?


yea thats what i mean

Hello Koding community,

I'm here again, a certified media designer (digital) with a big focus on front-end webdesign and web development. Preferably, I create websites with a content management system like WordPress or TYPO3 since the year 2005. I like to work with a PHP framework such as Laravel5, also. That's how I could get my experience in "web development" while I was learning how to build an embedded MVC scheme into my web applications.

My goal is a rapid and accurate implementation of pixel-layout specifications of the HTML5 format by automated procedures and that I could also possess an extensive knowledge of database-driven websites for almost every HTML5/PHP5 based content-management-system, which was build with applications and frameworks like the Eclipse / Aptana Studio 3 IDE and the usage of PHP package manager like Composer. With jQuery2, a web application got more flexible through the time and Javascript frameworks like NodeJS with it's huge extension-repository contains lots of utilities like Gulp or formerly Grunt, Compass+SASS/Less, Bower and so on...

With the use of "open source" software, I'm able to create a website effectively and economically on low-cost without limitation in being creative.

For more information about my "Front-end WebDevelopment" activities and the production of multimedia-content, I've created a WordPress blog to write posts about my experience. Maybe there's one or other post useful for someone...

Here the URL to my personal development blog:


Have a nice time and "Happy Koding"!

-- PS: Please don't mind, if I've made some grammar mistakes ;-)

how to find the script for open my vm ! help!!!

Mr Bee

What script? To open what? Perhaps what you need is this: http://www.koding.com/docs/preview ?

How are you all doing this week.

aaron li

good, how you doing?

Hello there. I have a problem with cURL. I'm tryin' to learn about json_decode, but my VM says some error(s). All I know about the error is that the page is bricking up. Doesn't matter what is the website I'm trying to cURL. Is that function blocked or something? #koding-support

a former koding user

I don't think so. Always used curl to make quick requests and all went smoothly well!

a former koding user

Maybe is something with your request, or the endpoint that you're trying to access.

When using my own VM, how do I set the default account Koding uses? Right now, it's logging on to root, ant I can't find anything on how to change that.

Hello everybody.If i ddos anyone with using will i get banned? Sorry for my bad english.

Stefan Cosma

Yes. Your account will get banned on the spot.

why my web side is not work? help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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aaron li

@stefanbc the web side say:This is an example page running plain HTML on your Koding Virtual Machine (VM). This web page is being served by the apache web server.

To learn more about how we have configured the apache, you should read this simple guide.

You can create your own simple HTML/web page "Hello World" either by changing this file (index.html) or by adding a new file in the "Web" directory found inside the home directory of your user account on the VM (/home/your_username/Web).

Also visit our Koding Documentation for a ton of interesting content on how you can do amazing things with Koding!

how to fix it??

aaron li

@stefanbc should i pay monny for the accout?


you have to remove the default files from web folder. and add your own script/files into the web folder before youll see your own index pages and script/site.

Stefan Cosma

This is the correct article https://www.koding.com/docs/connect-your-own-machine-to-koding that one is for a feature not released yet.

Sébastien Bariteau

Oh OK, I guess I'll have to wait for the local IDE thing to be available since that's really the thing that I'm exited about. Thank you Stefan.

So the guy interviewed at least 5 people while I was at the bus station. I talked with him for about 8 minutes so I'm surprised to see that I actually got on the local news. (I'm the one with the skateboard) - http://www.mystateline.com/news/state-lawmakers-looking-to-expand-concealed-carry-law

and yep I'm representing being a web developer wearing my shirt that says...

while(alive) { code(); eat(); if (hasTime) sleep(); }

I used to use something to add comment blocks to an algorithm file before I start coding, but I tried gs+direction and it got one line, but it wouldn't work twice. I tried different key codes for larger blocks bust got no response: What could be going wrong and/or what utility am I remembering? #vim

Koding hello! Can I ask a question can you take files from the your hosting and lay it down on the computer


if the question is can you download files to your computer from the vm. then the answer is yes.

in your filetree. hold down mouse button and drag over files you want to download. then right click mouse and choose compress files to zip. once files are zipped. add the zip file to "Web" folder. and download the zip file that way.

edit: a easier way is to add all files to a single folder. right click folder. compress to zip. add zip to "web" folder and download.

example: YourVm.koding.io/YourFile.zip


@codemafia ولكن هذا بقولي انه مو شغال

Hi All, how to create shellscript file in this workspace.

hi guys how's going? I'm a Aaron I'm in the public school,I'm start do the java code,because I think java code is very fun and different.!

Impossible to access to my "Preview File" ! Someone can help me ?

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Now, it's ok. But I don't know why it didn't work. Yesterday my friend had also this problem with my account


maybe dns hadnt synced up properly/fully after logged in. free accounts usually take a few mins before vm becomes viewable through browser since every time you boot up vm ip address changes. paid accounts dont have this problem. in any case. glad you got it solved.


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