Can we upload asterisk server?

Hi, I applied or the hackathon and was accepted back in November; ought I reapply now, as the hackathon's been changed? #hackathon

Devrim Yasar

no you're good!


@devrim Thank you, I was unsure as no new email notification about the hackathon since then.

how to uninstall confluence

Going for A LONG TIME. Servers got wiped.

Stefan Cosma

Have a look at one of these guides https://koding.com/docs/topic/file-transfer


1 compress your files to zip

2 add zip to web folder

3 download using your browser:

example: elguilleferrer.koding.io/filename.zip

Hi all,

I need your #help figuring out the PORTs accessibility situation. I'm trying to run a simple Express web-server on port 8080 (I'm using a free account).

According following FAQ https://koding.com/docs/open-ports I should be able to use port 8080 but when I try reaching the server no request is revived at the server side.

To be sure i stooped the firewall used sudo and tried reaching the server with both the URL and IP, but still noting. The only port that works is 80 (when I turn off the apache2) but I would like to run two servers (one web-server and one socket-server) so having access to more then one port is essential.

Please advise, Thanks in advance.


Could you try using port 8080 with other software?

PHP web developer looking for a team. Location: Melbourne, Australia. #hackathon

I'm a backend developer and I am available to help on a hack.summit() hackathon team. Hit me up and let's talk!

Hello, am looking to join a team. I am a second year Software Engineering Student at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario. I program in languages C, Java and Python. #hackathon

Have been using Scala for quite a while... gone through the comments as well. There is a bit of a misnomer taking place.

  1. Scala is a JVM language so Java is required. I highly recommend upgrade to openjdk8 via these commands: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openjdk-r/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk sudo update-alternatives --config java sudo update-alternatives --config javac (you may have to set JAVA_HOME env variable to new JDK8 installation folder for some applications but not for Scala DEV)

  2. Download and install Activator via this: https://www.typesafe.com/activator/download cd /tmp wget https://downloads.typesafe.com/typesafe-activator/1.3.7/typesafe-activator-1.3.7-minimal.zip unzip typesafe-activator-1.3.7-minimal.zip sudo mv activator-1.3.7-minimal/ /opt sudo ln -s /opt/activator-1.3.7-minimal/activator /usr/bin/activator

  3. Start using it via this: Command below will install a minimal-scala application under minimal-scala folder activator new minimal-scala

Unfortunately VM environment is hard locked to 512 MB and it prevents activator from launching... let me investigate why and how to overcome it. There should be a swap memory to be able to safely execute JVM. #scala

Hello ! can, please, somebody tell me how can I run a index.html ,which i made in VM Koding, on my browser. I want to see if it works. I need something like "preview button". #html

Mr Bee

You don't need preview because your Koding VM is online right out of the box. Simply put your index.html file into the Web folder in your home directory. The Web folder is the home or root folder for your Apache web server. To see the html result, simply open another browser session and type your koding domain follow by the html file or the web app file, for example makinavaja.koding.io/index.html (assuming you have activated your subdomain). Good luck! :)

Miro Stanimirov

very nice ! THANK YOU !!!! it works:) so everything I want to be able to reach over internet, i have tom put in WEB dir. thanks

Mr Bee

You're welcome. Happy to be able to help. :)

I don't like this IDE. Why does the intellisense only pre-pop that which I've already defined or declared? It should pre-pop libraries (and that which you've declared), like they say it does .

This sucks compared to Eclipse. Their description on their website read that one could use all the tools of "your favorite IDEs." Is their a way to make it behave and feel more like Eclipse, Visual Studio, etc?

Their dark theme sucks, too. It looks like the dark theme on Android Studio which is barely legible, but it's very intuitive and easy to change in Android Studio. Not so much here.

Other than the VM and the extra memory space, I see no point to this.

Why does their public website have barely any info and is on HubSpot? All this fancy portal/IDE/VM and they can't build a decent website that actually describes and shows what they do? If the public facing website has such terrible UI/UX, what does that say for this IDE?

I just joined to see what the web app actually does because the website reads like they're trying to be another codecademy -- which is obviously not the case. Which is fine, but only bad UI/UX is that confusing.

Devrim Yasar

thanks for taking the time to write this feedback, though i'm a bit confused. koding has two products now, the one you're on is "solo" product, which doesn't aim to be neither eclipse nor codeacademy, it is a very simple ide and easy-to-access vm that you can use it as a playground. second is our new - "koding for teams" product, which is not yet open to public. use your own IDE is now in beta, feel free to get that going: http://www.koding.com/docs/connect-your-machine so you can use Eclipse to write code. hope it helps..

Mr Bee

Koding is an on-the-cloud development machine and service. Perhaps it's one of the best in that term. I'd say Koding is not an IDE per sé, but more a VPS. As a VPS —powered by 64 bit Linux machine, to be exact— it is a powerful machine. Comparing to a full-blown local IDE is kind of apple-to-orange comparison. The provided IDE is more like a bonus, just to justified the 'cloud' paradigm. So, the real power of Koding VM is the VPS, not (only) the IDE. As @devrim had pointed you out, nothing prohibits you —or any Koding users— to use your favorite IDE, either it's local or remote IDE. You're even allowed to install your own web IDE, if you don't satisfy with the default Koding's IDE. In fact, everything you can do on a Linux machine, you can do it on Koding VM too. Of course, as long as it doesn't violate the Koding's policy. :)

Mr Bee

For example, I installed codebox, another web IDE, on my VM. Read the installation tutorial here https://goo.gl/0QRIF4 in case you want to try it too. I can install Apple's Swift compiler on my VM and even create an online Swift web runner using Free Pascal. The Swift installation tutorial is here http://beeography.koding.io/hello_swift.html and my online Swift runner is here http://beeography.koding.io/webswift.cgi (my WebSwift). So, for a developer, you can do pretty much anything on Koding.

Cihangir SAVAS
from San Francisco, United States

Our database service provider will have a maintenance in 25 mins, expect partial service disruption. Running VMs will continue running.

Cihangir SAVAS

Maintenance is completed.

Alguem sabe me diser como faço pra deixar meu pc desligado soq com o navegador aberto ?

Kristian Matthews
from London, United Kingdom

I've been accepted to the hack.summit(), I'm looking for other programmers to form a team, please get in contact if you're interested. #hackathon

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James Moore

@epickris hey man just get at me through Facebook or something

Kristian Matthews

@jamesm0025 There's a lot of James Moores on Facebook man. Which one? ;)

James Moore

@epickris already messaged you ahha

Hey doing an assignment right now and having trouble figuring out how to sort a dimensional array through the use of a function http://pastebin.com/GpGW5j7m so far wher im at in the assignment and i need a way to sort the 2d array through the use of a function, row and col size are both declared and passing into function, int Sort2DArray(int A[][COL], unsigned int rowsize, unsigned int colsize){ } // how do i go about doing this

How can I do this in Terminal Server I can not type.


Does the Terminal Server have intellisense like Eclipse or Virtual Studio?

Elli0t Alderson


hi how to instal lampp and php ini koding.com?

Mr Bee

Do you even understand what lampp is?